Kitchen Design Greensboro

Develop a kitchen that's uniquely yours; then let us design and install it for you!

You deserve an amazing experience when it comes to designing and building your dream kitchen. Designing your dream kitchen starts with assembling the right team to help make all of your ideas come true. Our professionals at Kitchen Remodeling Greensboro NC have created amazing kitchens across the area and know the styles, trends, and pitfalls of kitchen design Greensboro.

We ensure that our remodeling company is a good fit for you by providing free consultations with qualified kitchen designers who will assess any of these areas:

  • floor plan
  • pantry design 
  • island placement
  • door style/handle type
  • paint color selection
  • surface material selection
  • layout assistance (e.g., where are items such as sinks or dishwashers going to go?)

We’ll outline the design start to finish and discuss it with you in  plain English!

We offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that your dream kitchen becomes a reality!

What is a walk-in pantry design?

A walk-in pantry design is a great way to utilize space in your kitchen. A walk-in pantry will come with an assortment of shelves, drawers, and cabinets that you can customize to store all of your food items. These designs are popular among chefs who cook on a regular basis and need easy access to ingredients while they work.

The best part about this type of design is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be built into the kitchen since it’s meant for storing food instead of preparing meals. This makes it perfect for people who want convenience without sacrificing any counter space or giving up valuable floor space.

Are you considering adding a walk-in pantry design to your kitchen? If so, the experts at Kitchen Design Greensboro can help. Contact us today!

What is the ideal kitchen triangle?

  1. The ideal kitchen triangle is the one that has a stove, refrigerator, and sink in it
  2. It should be at least 6 feet wide to allow people to move around freely
  3. If you have a small space for your kitchen, try using an L-shaped or U-shaped layout
  4. Remember that the refrigerator should not be directly next to the stove because of safety reasons

The kitchen triangle is the configuration of a stove, sink, and refrigerator that can be found in many homes. The idea behind the triangle is that it creates efficient workflow by minimizing the walking distance between these three appliances. There are many variations of this layout depending on what types of countertops and cabinets you have available to you. A well-designed kitchen can help make life easier for people who spend long hours cooking at their homes.